Rebuilds and Reforms

Is it time to give your house a new look?

Somedo offers a fully professional interior design team. Give your bathroom a brand new a fresh new look, upgrade your kitchen or simply sporting a new porch on which to sunbath or enjoy fully the Spanish air. Optimisation ideas will show you easy ways to utilize your available space.

If you are unclear on how to decorate your home, a Somedo designer can advise you how to obtain your dream home.  Perhaps it is time to put a room for a new family member or you may want to open two rooms into one for more space and comfort. Somedo years and excellent market reputation will leave your home uniquely yours!

Does your business need a new image?

Bars, restaurants, hotels, office buildings, commercial units etc….Impress and engage with your customers with a new modern look, or a bespoke design to optimize your brand. Somedo has years of experience in the building industry and are true professionals with native speakers to manage all your needs and requirements.

Summary of Service

  • Interior and exterior design professionals
  • Private and Commercial
  • General Building Work/Decor/Bespoke BBQ´s
  • Optimisation
  • Renewable Energy
  • Solar Panels

Related services

Home maintenance

We take care of your home, clean your pool and prune garden. Full maintenance of housing.

We design your home

We help you with the purchase of furniture and appliances for your home.
In addition, you can request the services of a decorator to advise you.

New Buildings

Construction of new housing, commercial or industrial building among others.

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